Practicing Your Swing

Aspiring baseball players should understand that there is a science to the game. One cannot expect to hit effectively and consistently on the plate without putting in the work. After all, skills, muscle memory, and hard work are all equally important. This article seeks to help readers refine their skills by presenting the basic things one needs to do while on the plate.

Bat Practice

Here are the things you need to remember when on the plate. Remember, by the time you step up, you should immediately get on the proper stance and the right mindset.

  • Loading – Remember, your back knee and back hip should be properly aligned. At the same time, your bat’s knob should be directed towards the opposite batter’s box.
  • Striding – Keep in mind that your nose and belt buckle should align with the middle of your feet.
  • Follow the Ball – Focus on the location on of the ball, make sure that the bat head is directed on it.
  • Swing – Maximize your swing with your back foot pivot and follow through with the hip.

It is vital that players spend significant amounts of time for practice. Like it or not, hard work beats raw talent every day of the week.